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Unexpected Things to Include in an Adoption Profile

When people think of what to include in an adoption profile, they often think of including a few important things but frequently overlook some information that an expectant parent might enjoy knowing about an adoptive family. Some unexpected facts and ideas to include might be: Fun Facts: this might be a list of your favorite things like food, movies, television shows, color, or candy. Think of items specific to your story that authentically represent who you are so that an expectant parent can connect to these facts and have something in common with you. Family Traditions: it's always fun to share family traditions, and most families think this means talking about the holidays - and yes, that is excellent information to share, but other traditions to share might be that every Sunday morning, you make Belgian Waffles and play board games, or every Tuesday you make Tacos and watch a movie. Family Values: this is a great way to share how you intend to raise a child in your home. We recommend writing about the morals and values you plan to instill in a child. For example, we will work hard to teach a child to always accept and respect others and to treat people how they would like to be treated in return. You can also share in the section about your plans for education and how you plan to support a child as they grow to fulfill their dreams. Don't be afraid to be creative and think of other fun ways to share your story and show your family's unique beauty!


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