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How to Create an Adoption Profile

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Wanting to create your own adoption profile but not sure where to start? This is the perfect place for you. Let us walk you through the profile design process!

Read on for simple and effective tips for creating a beautiful and most importantly, authentic, profile.

How to Create an Adoption Profile
How to Create an Adoption Profile

Let's get started...

The most important part of creating an adoption profile is being authentic and transparent about who you are and the kind of life you will have together with your child. Keeping that in mind when you write your profile and choose photos to include can make the process easier. You'll want to divide your profile into pages; we recommend presenting a profile that is anywhere from 4 to 16 pages.

First, you'll need a cover photo. We recommend using an image that clearly shows who you are, and each person in the picture should have a warm and inviting smile - this is your very first impression!

You'll always want the opening of your profile to include a greeting. A greeting is where you will share some highlights about you, your lifestyle, and your feelings for how the expectant parent may feel as they make this incredibly difficult decision. The greeting is also where you might mention your comfort level with openness in your adoption. This is a great place to share photos that bring joy and warmth.

Then you'll likely want to include personal insights on each person adopting. If you are a couple adopting, we suggest writing these paragraphs for each other, and if you are adopting as a single parent, sometimes it's helpful to ask a friend or family member to assist. These paragraphs should include qualities that each person possesses, their hobbies, their passions, perhaps their job and why they like it, and it is essential to include why they will make a great parent. Each parent should have a clear headshot-style photo along with photos showing them doing what they enjoy or with the people they love.

The rest of your profile might include a page about your; home and the neighborhood you live in, your family traditions, what fun and adventures you plan to create with a little one, family and friends that will be a big part of your child's life, and/or pets that you love. You can also include photo galleries or a page devoted to your favorite things. If you have a great picture of your house that is awesome, but some people don't want to share what their house looks like, we recommend sharing neighborhood treasures like a picture of your local park or a coffee shop that you love to visit. If you would love to plan a trip to Disney with your little one, you can select a photo from a trip you took to Disney, and if you deck out your home for the holidays, we want to see that. Pictures of you doing what you love are a major asset to making the profile shine. When you highlight particular family members, be sure to have clear and friendly photos of them to include.

Lastly, we always encourage families to close their profile by sharing their values and how they hope to raise their child, along with making a promise to the expectant parent about your love and commitment to their child.

If you ever second guess yourself, remember it is important for expectant parents to imagine their child sharing life with you. Giving them a genuine and honest glimpse into the life you lead is the most important and loving thing you can do.

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