Custom Design Questionnaire

Please answer the below questions to the best of your ability. Don't worry about grammar or sounding poetic - that's why we're here! (Feel free to enter N/A if any of the questions are not applicable to you)

Getting to Know You:
Choose 5 qualities that you love most about PARENT 1:
Choose 5 qualities that you love most about PARENT 2:


Fur Babies

Getting to Know Your People

Your Home

Fun Times

Your Favorites

Pick 8 that exemplify both your personalities the most.

(Both partners need to provide answers for the same  category - if you have children, you may include their favorites as well).

Fun Facts

Your Promise

Message to Expectant Parents

What descriptive words would best describe the most important qualities or priorities of your family you would like your expectant mother to know about you after reading your profile? (Example of what is written: We look forward to you learning that we love spending time with FRIENDS and FAMILY and that our home is always filled with LAUGHTER, GREAT FOOD, and a strong FAITH in GOD.)